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Automating Repetitive Tasks (AUTHORIZE and DCL)?

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The Question is:

How do you remove multiple user accounts from VAX?  I have over 150 users to

The Answer is :

  There are various ways, probably the easiest here being the creation of
  a simple procedure containing the AUTHORIZE commands for these target
  Wildcard AUTHORIZE operations are also permissible, but the OpenVMS
  Wizard will assume there is no username and no UIC commonality (that
  is exclusively present) among the target users.
  For information on DCL programming, please see the User's Guide and the
  DCL Dictionary, as well as the Writing Real Programs in DCL book.
  Examples of DCL include topic (159), the SYS$EXAMPLES:ADDUSER.COM
  command procedure, and other tools and procedures.
  AUTHORIZE wildcard-access and DCL symbol substitution are discussed
  in (2401), (6380), and (8292).

answer written or last revised on ( 19-FEB-2003 )

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