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Sporadic Telnet Printing Errors?

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The Question is:

We have a homogeneous VMScluser of 4 ES45's at VMS 7.3 + required patches and
 TCP/IP V5.1, ECO 4.  We are printing to over 1,500 devices via 6,000 print
 queues using TCPIP$TELNETSYM.  We are sporadically encounteriing the same
 error on various print queue
%%%%%%%%%%%  OPCOM   4-FEB-2003 11:53:50.19  %%%%%%%%%%%    (from node M
 at  4-FEB-2003 11:53:50.19)
Message from user SYSTEM on M
TCPIP$TELNETSYM - (M$RAORIS1) output_routine has no IO channel.
%%%%%%%%%%%  OPCOM   5-FEB-2003 06:05:10.95  %%%%%%%%%%%    (from node M
 at  5-FEB-2003 06:05:10.95)
Message from user SYSTEM on M
TCPIP$TELNETSYM - (M$EGIS01) output_routine has no IO channel.
%%%%%%%%%%%  OPCOM   6-FEB-2003 05:17:50.42  %%%%%%%%%%%    (from node K
 at  6-FEB-2003 05:17:50.41)
Message from user SYSTEM on K
TCPIP$TELNETSYM - (K$RAIS01) output_routine has no IO channel.
Typically, the print job bombs with the following error:
PRINT Job Termination
Username:          MAINTENANCE       UIC:               [PROD,MAINTENANCE]
Account:           MAINT             Finish time:       18-FEB-2003 05:21:59.83
Process ID:        12F325CC          Start time:        18-FEB-2003 05:02:36.53
Owner ID:                            Elapsed time:                0 00:19:23.29
Terminal name:                       Processor time:              0 00:00:00.00
Remote node addr:                    Priority:          100
Remote node name:                    Privilege <31-00>: 00000000
Remote ID:                           Privilege <63-32>: 00000000
Remote full name:
Queue entry:       4490              Final status code: 010610D2
Queue name:        L$RAPADM1
Job name:          QRAPADM1_FMZN_L3_DQL1NURS
Final status text: %PSM-E-WRITEERR, error writing !AS
GETs from source:        1317
QIOs to printer:          771
Pages printed:             41
The Sysgen parameter CHANNELCNT has been increased from 1644 to 2560 but to no
This problem did not occur when the cluster was comprised of 4 AS1200's at VMS
 7.1-2 using TCPWARE from Process Software.

The Answer is :

  Please move to V5.3 with the current ECO, and please contact the support
  center.  Details on the particular printer(s) involved will be required,
  as will details of the queue configuration.

answer written or last revised on ( 19-FEB-2003 )

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