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Redirecting Window Manager (DECwindows) Login?

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The Question is:

How do we get the decwindows login screen
pointed at other xwindows besides the
builtin console?  Eg. so our PC's and old
vaxstations can have login screens from
our alphas.

The Answer is :

  This usually involves modifying SYS$MANAGER:DECW$PRIVATE_APPS_SETUP.COM
  to avoid starting DECwindows locally (DECW$MAINAPP == "exit"), and using
  the following commands:
    $ set process/privilege=all
    $ set display/create/node=name
    $ define/job decw$display 'f$trnlnm("decw$display")'
    $ run sys$system:decw$startlogin

answer written or last revised on ( 2-APR-2003 )

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