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Help Debugging Application Error?

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The Question is:

An interesting problem occured when testing our application with V7.3-1 with
 patches applied. Our computational program produces the error "Invalid
 argument to Math Library". We have verified the application runs under V7.2-1
 and various V7.1 flavors. Is
there a patch for V7.2 to V7.3 compatibility?

The Answer is :

  The answer depends greatly on whether or not this is a math library
  problem or an application problem -- simply because the application
  has apparently worked in the past does not imply that this is a bug
  in OpenVMS.  Nor does this imply that there is an application bug.
  The OpenVMS Wizard is aware of bugs that have been latent for over
  twenty years swithin OpenVMS and equivantly old bugs in application
  code are obviously likely -- correct operation is certainly useful,
  of course, but it does not imply bug-free code.
  Please see topics (1661) and (7552) for assistance in troubleshooting
  information, and please contact the support center with a reproducer
  -- the smaller and more targeted the reproducer, the more quickly you
  will likely receive an answer -- of the problem being reported.
  Without a reproducer and without details of the RTL call involved and
  without details of the error, no more specific answer is possible here.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-FEB-2003 )

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