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Seeking hardlink support (unlink) in C?

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The Question is:

Where can I find some information about the VMS implementation of the 'unlink'
 function. I've looked on the OpenVMS documentation website with no success.

The Answer is :

  Information on C run-time libraries is present in the C Run-Time library
  reference manual, which is a (new) part of the OpenVMS documentation set.
  C library entries not listed are generally not supported -- in this case,
  the support for hard links is not available within the present OpenVMS C
  Run-Time library and underlying XQP interfaces.  (Underpinnings of this
  planned new C Run-Time library support are first available in V7.3-1.)
  delete() would be an obvious substitution.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-FEB-2003 )

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