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Operator Control of Batch, BACKUP, MOUNT?

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The Question is:

During a recent disk to tape backup, the backup went to a second tape.  The
 second tape must have broken a leader as soon as it was inserted, because the
 tape drive became unusable and had to be replaced.  The system does not
 realize the drive has failed
(DecEvent is not seeing an error).  The operator request for mount second tape
 was the only request received.  Is there a response to this type request that
 will abort the backup?   Patch level for entire system is up to date for 7.2,
 but we cannot go to
7.3 because of application.

The Answer is :

  BACKUP monitors the response to REPLY/TO commands, if BACKUP/ASSIST
  is used -- terminals that are enabled as one of the appropriate
  classes of system operators will see messages such as the following:
    %%%%%%%%%%%%% OPCOM 24-FEB-2003 01:02:03.04 %%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    Request [request-number], from user [username] on NODE [node-name]
    %BACKUP-W-MOUNTERR, volume [relative-volume] on [tape-device] was
    not mounted because its label does not match the one requested
    specify option (QUIT, NEW tape or OVERWRITE)
  Accordingly, valid operator commands would be:
    REPLY/TO=request-number QUIT
    REPLY/TO=request-number OVERWRITE
  These requests will be displayed periodically.
  Device errors are reported in the error log, but -- without knowing
  details what happened here with the device failure -- the OpenVMS
  Wizard cannot predict what (if any) error logging may have occured.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-FEB-2003 )

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