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SRM Console Commands? (Chevron Prompt)

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The Question is:

When booting the alpha server I get to a chevron prompt.  How do I initiate a
 boot from there

The Answer is :

  The command is BOOT, assuming the default boot device has been
  previously configured.  If not, BOOT ddcu, where ddcu is the
  name of the target system disk tfrom which the bootstrap will
  Also available at the chevron prompt is the HELP command.
  The usual SRM console commands are
    BOOT ddcu
    SET AUTO_ACTION action
    SHOW *
  ddcu indicates the device name.
  The BOOTDEV_DEF and AUTO_ACTION environment variables set
  the default bootstrap device, and AUTO_ACTION establishes
  the system console behaviour upon power-up.  (Your system
  either has no bootstrap default, or the power-up action is
  set to HALT.)
  See HELP for these and other commands.
  For important information on your Alpha system, please see
  the Owner's Guide for the particular system and please see
  the OpenVMS Alpha installation and upgrade documentation.
  Various Alpha platform documentation is available via the
  Alpha hardware pointers in the FAQ, and the OpenVMS manuals
  and related documentation are also available via pointers
  in the FAQ.

answer written or last revised on ( 25-FEB-2003 )

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