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SMTP_CFERROR, Control File Error?

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The Question is:

Can you explain the UCX-E-SMTP_CFERROR, Control File Error in create_cf error I
 get when trying to send (smtp) mail from the System account?

The Answer is :

  Please seriously consider an upgrade to a more recent version of
  OpenVMS Alpha and to a supported TCP/IP Services version.  As of
  this writing, V7.3-1 and TCP/IP V5.3, each with ECOs, are current.
  Please contact the support center, as there is usually an additional
  message with the error (CRE, BADPARAM, NOPRIV, etc).  Further, SMTP
  also usually produces a logfile, and on older TCP/IP versions, the
  logfile is likely named:
  This logfile can contain additional information on the error.  Any
  additional error messages and the contents of the log file will be
  of interest to the support center.  Expect to be asked to install
  the current ECO for the particular TCP/IP Services release in use,
  and to then try to replicate this error, as well.

answer written or last revised on ( 26-FEB-2003 )

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