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System Hardware Configuration Data?

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The Question is:

I am trying to ascertain how many memory banks a live system has (so I cannot
 shut it down to the chevron), and what size and characteristics it/they may
 have. Is there any OpenVMS v7.1-2 (or v7.3) command or utility that might give
 me that information?
Thank you in advance. Best regards
  Miguel Angel Pina

The Answer is :

  Please contact your hardware support organization for assistance with
  this and related questions.
  In general, OpenVMS does not know about and does not concern itself with
  the physical layout of Alpha system memory components.  The SRM console
  presents OpenVMS with physical address ranges, but not particular details
  on the memory hardware.  Console firmware present within various Alpha
  systems can and does map the hardware memory components differently.
  You did not specify the particular Alpha system(s) of interest here.
  On certain newer systems, the ANALYZE/SYSTEM command SHOW GCT shows the
  Galaxy Configuration Tree constructed by the console -- also see the
  ANALYZE/SYSTEM command CLUE FRU, for those systems with a Field
  Replaceable Unit table.  (Certain platforms include memory components
  in the FRU information.)
  The GCT structure is not particularly docuemnted, and the contents and
  interpretation can and do vary between platforms.

answer written or last revised on ( 14-MAR-2003 )

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