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Debugging DECthreads Bugcheck?

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The Question is:

I have a customer who has upgraded their alpha's to VMS 7.2-2.  One of our
 applications is now breaking. It is creating a bugcheck dump and a
 PTHREAD_DUMP log file.   In the Pthread_dump logfile is the following:
%DECthreads bugcheck (version V3.15-267), terminating execution.
%Reason:  selected a non-ready thread -2 (0x00000000000D9B40) state blocked
%Running on OpenVMS V7.2-2 on AlphaServer ES40, -1024Mb; 2 CPUs
% The bugcheck occurred at 04-MAR-2003 08:24:50.23, running image
%  DSA104:[CMTSYS7.CMMSGRV.][BIN]CMRVPROXY.EXE;9 in process 32609F01 (named
%  "SRV_PROD_1"), under username "SRV_PROD". AST delivery is enabled for all
%  modes; ASTs are active in user. Upcalls are enabled. Multiple kernel
% threads are disabled.
% The current thread sequence number is -2, at 0x000D9B40
%  Current thread traceback:
%     0:  PC 0x7BB31B38, FP 0x000D6B60, DESC 0x7BB13BE8
%     1:  PC 0x7BB2FF24, FP 0x000D6C30, DESC 0x7BB136A8
%     2:  PC 0x7BB2DCDC, FP 0x000D6CA0, DESC 0x7BB13788
%     3:  PC 0x7BB56828, FP 0x000D6D40, DESC 0x7BB18C80
%     4:  PC 0x8011E15C, FP 0x000D6DD0, DESC 0x89553E60
%     5:  PC 0x801193E4, FP 0x000D6E50, DESC 0x895531C0
%     6:  PC 0x800D6358, FP 0x000D6ED0, DESC 0x8953FDD0
%     7:  PC 0x00108148, FP 0x000D6F30, DESC 0x00135640
%     8:  PC 0x8099C4F4, FP 0x000D6FE0, DESC 0x7BDF29E8
%     9:  PC 0x0008B384, FP 0x000D70C0, DESC 0x0001DA20
%    10:  PC 0x00082744, FP 0x000D70F0, DESC 0x0001B678
%    11:  PC 0x000626A4, FP 0x000D7140, DESC 0x00016F30
%    12:  PC 0x00091A44, FP 0x000D7170, DESC 0x0001E278
I searched through your site and it closely matches an existing patch
 discription except that the Multiple Kernel Threads are turned off in our
 case. That patch description said that the situation only happened when the
 Multiple Kernel Threads were turned
My question is this - does this indicate a known problem that there is an
 existing patch for?  This bugcheck does not seem to be recreatable on demand -
 but does keep happening.

The Answer is :

  This could be a DECthreads or OpenVMS issue, or this could be an
  application programming or run-time problem.  Please contact the
  support center for assistance.
  Expect to be asked details of the ECO kits installed, and expect
  to be asked to install mandatory ECO kits as well as any ECO kits
  specific to DECthreads and to the C environment, and to any other
  components related to the current application.

answer written or last revised on ( 10-MAR-2003 )

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