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LaserJet 8150 Print Queue?

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The Question is:

  One of users would like a print que set up with escape sequences. The printer
 is a HP8150 DN. I have never set up a que with escape sequences before .

The Answer is :

  Print queues do not differentiate data and do not particularly interprete
  the contents of the character data stream, the printers provide this.
  Depending on the printer, the data stream could be Sixel, Postscript,
  PCL, ASCII, Unicode, or other data.
  For information on setting up print queues for various printers, please see
  the DECprint Services (DCPS) package -- for those printers supported by DCPS
  -- and please see topic (1020) for setting up network printers.  For generic
  information on setting up print queues, please see the System Management
  documentation; please see the OpenVMS documentation set.

answer written or last revised on ( 10-MAR-2003 )

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