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Tracking FTP Activity (take III)

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The Question is:

Dear Wizard,
I asked a question about ftpserver logging (Wizard topic 8272, Tracking FTP
 activity take II), and you gave me the wrong answer. You may as a wizard be
 omnipotent, but omniscient you're not.
Here's what I found in the ECO for TCP/IP Services V5.1-154-4:
Corrections for COMPAQ TCP/IP Services V5.1 FTP_SERVER Images
ECO 2 updates
ECO D	1-JUN-2001	Alpha and VAX
	Customer requested "extended" FTP server logging similar
	to the session logging that MultiNet provides in its log
	files created in user's home directory.  The FTP Child
	process will now log session info, requests, and responses
	in its SYS$LOGIN:TCPIP$FTP_SERVER.LOG file if the logical
        This logical can be defined on a system-wide basis by an
        administrator (so all users' FTP session logs include
        extended logging), or by a user within their LOGIN.COM
        file (so just that user's FTP session logs include
        extended logging).
	PTR 70-5-1661 / CFS.83150 / Req Id: NL_G01322
Your answer in January told me to use security alarms and audits, thus implying
 that the promised logging enhancement I was enquiring about hadn't been made.

The Answer is :

  (8272) appears to refer to FTP server-based logging.
  The cited ECO appears to refer to FTP client-based logging.

answer written or last revised on ( 14-MAR-2003 )

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