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Third-Party Hardware? (Seagate Disks)

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The Question is:

I've alpha 500au hardware with OPENVMS7.1-1H2 . I would like to upgarde current
 Harddisk 4.3GB to 18GB . But vms7.1-1h2 doesn't recognize 18GB HDD ( Segate
 ST318437LW ) . 18GB HDD can be recognized at ALPHA console mode ( Bule screen
 show device can show
seagate HDD modle number ).So I think the problem could be from VMS7.1-1H2 ."
 SCSI05_71 for vms7.1-1h2 " patch file for vms7.1-1h2 SCSI devices has been
 installed already . I don't know what's thing i missed ?

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard would encourage a review of the supported devices
  for the Personal Workstation 500au series, and would encourage a
  review of device-size information present in the OpenVMS FAQ.  For
  larger disks, particular versions and ECOs can be required, and
  the FAQ has details and ECO kit names and supporting information.
  Use of unsupported disks -- these devices can be hotter than the
  cooling capabilities of the enclosure -- can be problematic in older
  and unsupported enclosures.  (Thermal failures also tend not to be
  immediate failures.  Cooling also tends not to be uniform, and
  this can lead to restrictions in the storage bays that the disks
  can be utilized within, and in the quantities of these disk devices
  that can be used, etc.)
  Please see the OpenVMS FAQ for details on third-party hardware, as

answer written or last revised on ( 14-MAR-2003 )

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