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LIB$CVT_DX_DX, Text, and X Floating?

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The Question is:

I am trying to convert floating-point numbers into text and vice versa.
I have managed to get this to work for all but one floating-point type, the
 X_FLOAT, which is the problem.
I am using LIB$CVT_DX_DX to convert an FP descriptor into a text one and vice
 versa. The VMS documentation is clear as to what to do for all types but the
 X_FLOAT. Indeed, LIB$CVT_DX_DX rejects DSC$K_DTYPE_FX as being an unknown type.
The question is, how do I carry out a conversion of X_FLOAT to text and vice
 versa? I do not want to lose precision by converting the X_FLOAT to a T_FLOAT
 first if I can possibly avoid it.

The Answer is :

  Your version of OpenVMS Alpha does not have IEEE X-Float floating
  point conversions.
  This support is under consideration for a future OpenVMS release.
  In the interim, you will have to convert the value directly.
  Other topics related to floating point -- in addition to what is
  available in the AskQ support database and in the OpenVMS and C
  manuals and in example resources cited in the OpenVMS FAQ -- include
  (58), (2290), (2553), (3354), (4727), (7002), (7129), (8268), (8524),
  (8739), (8846), (9091), (9436) and likely other topics.

answer written or last revised on ( 12-JAN-2004 )

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