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Enabling DNS Name Resolution?

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The Question is:

I am brand new to VMS.  I want to be able to ping a name from this server, have
 it go to our Microsoft DNS server to resolve the name, and respond back.  I do
 not want to maintain host tables on this server, hence moving to DNS.  I have
 attempted to add t
he IP of our DNS server to the bind resolver, but it still doesn't work.  Am I
 making this to complicated?  Is there a place to add the DNS server addresses?
  We have the following:  Digital TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS Alpha Version
 V4.2 - ECO 2 on a Alph
aServer 1000 4/200 running OpenVMS V6.2

The Answer is :

  Your OpenVMS and TCP/IP Services versions are years old, and an upgrade to
  more current versions is recommended.
  For information on enabling DNS resolution within TCP/IP Services, please
  see the available TCP/IP Services Management and Configuration documentation.
  (The OpenVMS documentation URL in the FAQ also serves the current TCP/IP
  Services documentation.)
  Rather than the TCPIP$CONFIG tool that will be mentioned in the current TCP/IP
  documentation, your (pre-V5) version of TCP/IP Services will require use of the
  (older) UCX$CONFIG configuration tool for enabling DNS name resolution and for
  similar activities.

answer written or last revised on ( 19-MAR-2003 )

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