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Missing Device, SCSI Bus Configuration?

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The Question is:

I have an alphastation 500 that I recently installed a KZPSA-PS (68-pin) SCSI
 Host Adapter to connect my TLZ09-DB External tape drive.
However from the console "show device" does not show any MKA devices.
When boot into OpenVMS it also does not see any
MKA device.
I do see both SCSI hosts adapters.
The settings for the SCSI devices are aw follows:
pka0_fast     1
pka0_host_id  7
pka0_mode     fast
pkb0_fast     1
pkb0_host_id  7
pkb0_termpwr  0
The TLZ09-DB is terminated with an Active termination.
I noticed the active terminator LED is not on all thought the SCSI Tape drive
 is powered on.
I'm using a STD SCSI cable to connect from the
external tape connector to the external connection on the the KZPSA adapter.
I know the external tape unit (TLZ09-DB) works, since I can connected on my
 AlphaStation 233 to it's external connector.
Why doesn't the system see the external tape drive?

The Answer is :

  If the SRM console cannot see the particular SCSI device, then
  OpenVMS itself is entirely uninvolved in the current problem.
  Assuming a hard reset has been performed and assuming that there
  are no SCSI unit collisions nor termination errors nor bus length
  errors nor signal integrity problems, and assuming that the tape
  device is known functional, please contact your hardware services
  organization for assistance in troubleshooting the local SCSI bus.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-JAN-2004 )

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