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Checkpoint-Restart, Application State?

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The Question is:

  Can a process with correct privleges suspend another process on a different
 user's terminal and spawn a process on that user's terminal?  If so how would
 I go about doing so.  Say for example, spawing a custom login screen for that
 user (third party) an
d upon exiting (after logging in) continue the process that was running.  I am
 tring to create a screen saver with a custom login screen that will prompt the
 user without editing the source of the program I want to suspend / continue.
 I have a program ma
de already that will detect when a process is not being used and run a FORCEX
 on that process.  I would like to replace the FORCEX with code that will
 suspend that process and run the custom login program under that user.
 Basicly :  suspend A, run B, finish B, continue A

The Answer is :

  This is not an easy task, and the state of the various I/O channels
  involved can very easily become confused -- what you want to perform
  generally requires the direct assistance of the client application,
  either within the application itself or within supporting command
  The usual solution here is a client-server implementation, and
  providing a layer between the running application and the user's

answer written or last revised on ( 7-JAN-2004 )

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