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Troubled by FAL$LOG Output?

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The Question is:

I'm occasionally getting following in the FAL logfile:
FAL OpenVMS Alpha V7.2(X-9) started execution on 25-MAR-2003 08:37:24.52
  with SYS$NET = PRE007::"0=EOD_IBKAP" and
  with FAL$LOG = 1
Requested file access operation: Create file
Specified file: LOG_1:[INPUT.CZ]M24_OLX_CIF_555748307_1.DAT;1
Resultant file: LOG_1:[INPUT.CZ]M24_OLX_CIF_555748307_1.DAT;1
File access was terminated with no bits set on close
FAL terminated execution on      25-MAR-2003 08:37:24.58
Please, could you explain under which conditions the message "File access was
 terminated with no bits set on close" is generated and what exactly does it
 mean? Can it be caused by network problems?

The Answer is :

  Quite regularly, no file dispensation bits are set on a file close.
  (Some of the dispensation options include deletion and submission.
  See the RMS documentation for details.)
  Please note: the FAL$LOG logical name is not documented.  Accordingly,
  if this or any other related FAL messages bother you, please consider
  deassigning the (undocumented) logical name controlling this display.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-JAN-2004 )

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