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Seeking Q-bus Hardware Services Assistance?

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The Question is:

The vax no longer talks to the RA81 drives. Everything was fine but then one
 day lightning hit the building. The machine still boots, even though my
 hamfists have been pulling its guts in and out, but it will not mount the
 RA81.  Oh, what does it say, "NO
-SUCH-DEV" or something like that when I try to mount the RA81 drive(other
 drives mount OK).  I replaced the boards (KDA50), but am fearful that I need
 to do something like type 'configure' at the '>>>' prompt.
When I type
>>>show qbus [return]
it shows a lot of stuff which I could write down and email to you if you think
 that would be helpful.  By the way, other machines can see the RA81 and
 swapping cables does not makes no difference.
Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.

The Answer is :

  The lightning strike quite obviously damaged the hardware.
  Please contact your hardware services organization -- the OpenVMS
  Wizard cannot offer a hardware repair service, nor can the OpenVMS
  Wizard provide email-based assistance.  (If you particularly wish
  to self-maintain your systems, please see the information on the
  self-maintenance services offering in the OpenVMS FAQ, as these
  services offerings can permit access to spares, diagnostics,
  hardware documentation, and module repairs.)
  Assuming the KDA50 and RA81 drives have been repaired and the
  CSR and vector settings are correct -- CSR and interrupt vector
  settings are and must be configured across all Q-bus controllers
  present and must specifically account for each and every Q-bus
  controller present in the system -- no console configuration is
  necessary.  Please see topics including (1149) for other Q-bus
  related details.  Other related discussions include (407), (1866),
  (3232), and (5219).

answer written or last revised on ( 2-APR-2003 )

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