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insufficient system resources? (LAT$_INSRES)

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The Question is:

I am unable to create a new LAT service and am getting the following error when
 trying to create the service
mc latcp create service test
%LAT-W-CMDERROR, error reported by command executor
-LAT-F-INSRES, insufficient resources to complete operation
However I cannot find what resource is reponsible for this and what to change.
 Looking at the LATCP SHOW NODE command shows that there is no node limit
BUREAU_BAL_LIVE>mc latcp show node
Node Name:   BUREAU                         LAT Protocol Version:      5.3
Node State:  On
Node Ident:  BUREAU - V7.2-1   AlphaServer 4100 5/600 8MB
Incoming Connections:  Enabled              Incoming Session Limit:   None
Outgoing Connections:  Enabled              Outgoing Session Limit:   None
Service Responder:     Disabled             Announcements:         Enabled
Circuit Timer (msec):        80             Keepalive Timer (sec):      20
Retransmit Limit (msg):       8             Node Limit (nodes):       None
Multicast Timer (sec):       60             CPU Rating:                  0
Maximum Unit Number:       9999             Extra Datalink Buffers:      9
Queue Limit:                 24             Forward Session Limit:      16
User Groups:     0
Service Groups:  0
Service Classes: 1
Checking the help database just returns the following but doesn't advise what
 resource needs to be changed
 INSRES,  insufficient resources to complete operation
  Facility:     LAT, LAT Facility
  Explanation:  The system does not have enough resources to service the
  User Action:  Contact the system manager to determine which system resource
                is inadequate.
I have searched the Compaq web sites and online manuals to find an answer but
 nothing is forthcoming. There are currently 42 LAT services created on this
 node. Please help!
Tim Abernethy

The Answer is :

  The LAT$_INSRES status is most often an issue resulting from an
  insufficient system parameter setting or a system overcommitment
  -- potentially involving insuifficient system non-paged pool --
  and/or can also result from insufficient system physical memory.
  Clean all parameter entries that are obsolete and thus no longer
  necessary out from MODPARAMS.DAT, and re-AUTOGEN the system with
  Also consider acquiring more physical memory, or reducing current
  system memory requirements.
  For more specific diagnostic assistance, please contact the support
  center, as details of the current system parameter and system memory
  configuration will be required.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-APR-2003 )

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