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DECwindows; not authorized to connect to server?

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The Question is:

We have an ES-40 and just loaded the ABS Software.  I and trying to start the
 ABS GUI by typing
$ set display/create/node=julian
$ abs/interface=decwindows
, but it keep saying
Xlib:  connection to "_WSA16:" refused by server
Xlib:  Client is not authorized to connect to Server
X Toolkit Warning: Could not open display
X Toolkit Warning: Did you enter - set display/create/node=nodename??
can you explain what I am doing wrong?

The Answer is :

  The error message indicates that the security settings for the node
  JULIAN will not accept incoming DECnet connections from the system
  on which you entered the commands.
  The OpenVMS implementation of the X Server display utilizes a default
  security setting that prohibits access to the display by anyone other
  than the locally logged in user; remote users cannot display windows
  on your X Windows display without permission.  To permit access, you
  will want to use the security menu to authorize the remote connections.
  If you are using a DECterm display window on Julian to enter the
  commands, there is already a display created.  You can potentially
  utilize that same setting, invoke the application directly; use the
  SHOW DISPLAY command to display the current settings.
  These DECwindows security settings are covered in the OpenVMS
  documetation for DECwindows Motif, and can be found on a link from
  the main OpenVMS documentation website.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-APR-2003 )

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