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Remote Cluster Access via LAT or Telnet?

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The Question is:

Have SuperLAT (Meridian Technology)in use for connectivity on NT servers to our
 Alpha cluster.
The SuperLAT product is no longer supported or carried by Meridian ..... do you
 know of other vendors who might support a simular (or same) product for load
 balance and terminal emulation via LAT to our ES45's running OVMS ?

The Answer is :

  The PATHWORKS 32 client package includes, among other things, LAT support.
  The PowerTerm terminal emulator -- which is also part of the PATHWORKS 32
  client package -- can use this LAT transport, as can various other
  third-party terminal emulator packages.
  Please note that the capability frequently refered to as Reverse LAT is
  is NOT available in the PATHWORKS 32 implementation of LAT.   To connect
  and offer access to printers or other local resources of the Microsoft
  Windows system, you will want to use LPR/LPD or telnet servers on the
  Windows host or (far better) a network-connected (JetDirect or related)
  printer and direct access to the printer.
  Other options for remote access into OpenVMS include IP-based protocols
  including telnet, particularly when one of the various available IP-based
  cluster alias mechanisms are used.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-APR-2003 )

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