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PATHWORKS and Windows 2000? (take III)

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The Question is:

I have OpenVMS Version V7.2-1 and Pathworks 32 version 7.0 and it's working
 fine on a Windows 98 PC. Now I have a new Windows 2000 PC and I am trying to
 install it. When I click on Network Connectivity I get an error message box
 headed "Pathworks 32 for W
indows NT setup" and the error reads: "Load NETCFG.DLL failed".
Please help.

The Answer is :

  Please see topics (8570), (7244), (6360), (4760) and other related
  You will want to upgrade your PATHWORKS 32 (client) and you will
  potentially also want to upgrade your host PATHWORKS (Advanced
  Server; server) to a more current version.  In particular, your
  current PATHWORKS 32 client version is known to be incompatible
  with and predates support for the Microsoft Windows 2000 platform.
  Please also see the PATHWORKS 32 website:

answer written or last revised on ( 7-APR-2003 )

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