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Hardware Support? (KGPSA Fibre Channel)

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The Question is:

If the FC2354 FC adapter supported on an Alphaserver 800? Even if it is not
 supported, should it work? When I do a show config, I can see it in slot 14,
14   F90010DF/F90010DF
But it is not assigned a device

The Answer is :

  Information on Fibre Channel support is available at:
  and in the Guidelines for OpenVMS Cluster Configurations.
  A statement of support is a commitment that a particular
  configuration, device, or operation will work.  A lack of
  a statement of support does not imply that the configuration
  will or will not work; simply that HP has declined to make a
  formal commitment to fix any problems that might arise.
  It appears you already have your answers, of course.
  The AlphaServer website has the supported hardware lists for
  the various platforms:
  and the OpenVMS Software Product Description (SPD) has details
  on the software support.
  The OpenVMS Wizard does not immediately recognize the FC2354
  device, and will assume this is a reference to the FCA2354;
  to the KGPSA series.
  The KGPSA-BC is considered to be supported by the AlphaServer
  platform engineering teams on the AlphaServer 800 platform:
  The above article contains details and ECOs.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-APR-2003 )

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