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Direct TCP/IP Upgrade (two major releases)?

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The Question is:

  Is it possible to do a direct upgrade from UCX 3.3 to TCPIP V5.3?  I've seen
 other questions mentioning UCX should be removed first. My Installation and
 Configuration guide mentioned nothing of this.
  After the installation I noticed the FTP and Portmapper startups were
 failing.  After investigating I found they were still using the old startup
 files in the [UCX$FTP] and [UCX$PORTM] directories.  These files were still
 pointing to SYS$SYSTEM:UCX$FTPD
..EXE and SYS$SYSTEM:UCX$PORTMAPPER.EXE.  Now these files no longer exist and
   There are no startup files in the [TCPIP$FTP] and [TCPIP$PORTM] directories.
  I verified I'm running the TCPIP$STARTUP.COM file and not the
 UCX$STARTUP.COM.  This leads me to believe I may have needed to move up to
 another version of UCX before install
ing TCPIP V5.3.

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard would not typically attempt a direct upgrade
  over this long a span of TCP/IP Services releases -- two major
  releases -- and is sufficiently old that it was likely not tested
  during the V5.3 upgrade testing.  (Two major releases is a long
  direct upgrade, and not one that the OpenVMS Wizard would typically
  expect to work.)

answer written or last revised on ( 9-APR-2003 )

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