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Configuring IP Addresses?

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The Question is:

Have IP address of Has worked fine for 7 years on our network. We
 need to add a second IP address for the Alpha in addition to the
 We are using UCX v 4.1 on a DEC 4000 Model 610 Alpha.
zea0 is set for
We tried setting zea1 to by using the following command:
ucx>set config interface
We rebooted the Alpha and a ucx>Show Host POLICE shows Police with both IP
 addresses. However, a ucx>Show Route only shows 192.9.207 gateways and only 1
 non-192 Destination of
What are we missing to make the IP address available? Tried ping
 and does not reply.

The Answer is :

  The usual approach for this purpose is via UCX$CONFIG, as that
  tool can help bring other mechanisms online as appropriate.
  That said, your OpenVMS Alpha software and your TCP/IP Services
  versions are very old, and upgrades are recommended -- either to
  V4.2 with ECO if you must stay at V6.2, or to V5.3 or later (as
  available) if you move to current OpenVMS releases.
  If you wish to pursue this addressing, you will likely want to
  review subnet routing and pseudo interfaces.

answer written or last revised on ( 1-JUN-2003 )

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