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Datatrieve Dictionary Tools?

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The Question is:

     I have a question about Datatrieve
Text file-based dictionary, specifically
the new utility that automates migration
of Oracle CDD/Repository definitions to
the DATATRIEVE-resident dictionary.
     We are running DTR V7.2, Oracle
RdB V7.0-62 abd Oracle CDD/Repository
V7.0-11. There are DTR utility programs
at this site that update RMS files. These
utility programs obtain the record structure
from CDD for the files they work on.
An attempt is being made to free the DTR
code at this site of CDD, and there is a
feeling that migration of Oracle CDD/
Repository definitions to the DATATRIEVE
-resident dictionary can help acheive this.
The question was asked of Oracle support,
who said that DTR was not an Oracle product.
This question refers to the first bullet
under BENEFITS->Text file-based dictionary
http://h71000.www7.hp.com/openvms/products/datatrieve/index.html and Oracle TAR
Would greatly appreciate any guidance from the
Thanking you
(Partha A Rai-Chowdhuri)

The Answer is :

  Please contact HP Support directly, as your specific question is not
  at all clear to the OpenVMS Wizard.
  With current versions of Datatrieve, you can use a Datatrieve-based
  dictionary, or you can choose to use Oracle CDD.

answer written or last revised on ( 17-APR-2003 )

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