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Restoring StorageWorks RAID BACKUP?

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The Question is:

Greetings. I recently archived a VMS cluster where I used the BACKUP/IMAGE
 command on shadowed, raided storage sets and the result was backup images
 containing a large RAID$BC1.SYS file, a RAID_Configuration file, along with
 the miscellaneous (sp) .sys fi
les. How can I restore this data? I tried the prescribed method on the WIS TIS
 website, but it still doesn't work.  The systems that were archived are no
 longer bootable, i had toi INIT/ERASE the disks and I cannot seem to replicate
 the environment to res
tore them to. Thank you.

The Answer is :

  This appears to involve two two questions, and several steps.
  First, follow the steps for restoring the BACKUP savesets onto the
  target platform.  This step does not particularly reflect the steps
  around rebuilding the RAID configuration information, and it would
  be best to restore the files onto a simple storage configuration
  The other question involves reconstituting the RAID software itself,
  and that configuration sequence involves the steps outlined in the
  RAID software documentation.  (It would appear that the current
  cofngiruation device names differ from those of the original
  StorageWorks RAID system configuration.)
  Once you have the reconstituted system disk and the reconstituted
  RAID configuration, replace the old RAID configuration files with
  the new files or recreate (rebind) the configuration files adding
  in the additional disks.
  The core RAID files are as follows:
  The OpenVMS Wizard does not know which article you are refering to,
  so specific suggestions are difficult -- and without this, the OpenVMS
  Wizard is also unfortunately unable to make the article corrections
  that are apparently necessary.

answer written or last revised on ( 17-APR-2003 )

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