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InfoServer LAD and ISO-9660 CD Media?

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The Question is:

After binding a iso_9660 cd using ladcp on my infoserver 150 and seeing the
 label there, the vms mount/sys/media=cdrom tells me that there is no device
 found.  Please advise.

The Answer is :

  All InfoServer hardware and software support retired long ago.
  The OpenVMS Wizard would encourage acquiring a local CD-ROM device,
  or using a cluster to access a CD-ROM on another OpenVMS system.
  There are also various ISO-9660 volume format extensions, and OpenVMS
  does not have support for certain of these extensions.  Put another
  way, you will want to determine whether the media is directly readable,
  or if this is an issue involving LAD communications or the InfoServer
  Without the commands and the errors, no particularly specific recovery
  steps are immediately available.
  Please also apply the available mandatory ECO kits for OpenVMS, and
  relevent kits such as the VAXLAD kit.  If you have not already done
  so.  ECO kit FTP site is referenced in the FAQ, as is a search engine
  used to determine the list of available ECO kits for a particular ECO
  kit installation rating.  Also please consider an upgrade to a more
  recent OpenVMS VAX version.

answer written or last revised on ( 17-APR-2003 )

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