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Fibre Channel Host Access Controls?

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The Question is:

From what I read about FibreChannel SANs, you can only access a given disk from
 one system (directly, as opposed to MSCP).  On CI-based clusters, the disks
 all appear local to all machines.  Can this type of multi-host direct access
 be done to FibreChanne
l SAN disks?  I see stuff added in v7.3-1 related to this in that PPT
 slideshow, but I do not think I see exactly this; merely failover and/or
 MSCP-related stuff.  Or is this now possible?

The Answer is :

A large number of systems can a have simulateous direct
connections to disks on a Fibre Channel Disk system.
The exact limit is dependent on the particular disk
A Fibre Channel Disk System can be configured with
multiple ports, and OpenVMS systems support multiple
Fibre Channel adapters to provide redundant paths
for load balancing or to guard against many types of
hardware failures.
And MSCP can certainly also be used to access a Fibre
Channel disk from an OpenVMS system that has a direct
connection to it.

answer written or last revised on ( 18-APR-2003 )

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