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DECwindows DECterm Controller Timeout Problems?

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The Question is:

I am setting up a refurbished digital personal workstation 600au with openvms
 v7.1-1h1.  I have the operating system loaded and also the ceric software
 called visicer.  In the software visicer when i go to access different
 windows, (a window with the head
ing DECterm:) I get the following error: %DECW-E-TIMEOUT_CONTROL, Timeout
 waiting for DECterm controller to start.
I have the following loaded on the computer:
dec  axpvms decnet_phase_IV v7.1-1h1 full lp
dec  axpvms dwmotif v1.2-4     full lp
dec  axpvms openvms v7.1-1h1   platform
dec  axpvms ucx v4.2-21        full lp
dec  vms 7.1-1h1               oper system
What do I need to do to solve this problem?

The Answer is :

  What you should -- and will -- want to do to use this particular hardware
  configuration is upgrade your software and core products.  Specifically,
  please upgrade to supported OpenVMS Alpha, TCP/IP Services, and DECwindows
  You are running a hardware release, a practice that the OpenVMS Wizard
  strongly discourages once the mainline release is available -- and all
  new installations of old hardware releases is very strongly discouraged.
  In this case (as of this writing), six subsequent mainline OpenVMS Alpha
  releases are available, two subsequent DECwindows Motif releases, and
  four TCP/IP Services releases.   Your software configuration is old and
  also happens to be a very early (hardware-release) software configuration
  for the specified hardware configuration, in other words.
  For information on what has been resolved subsequent to this release,
  please see the dozen or more release notes and new features files.
  If you insist on running this configuration -- something that the OpenVMS
  Wizard strongly discourages -- you will want to apply the ECO kits for
  the products in use.  (This will be a large number of kits and -- because
  none of these product versions are presently supported in this particular
  software and hardware configuration -- will also be missing various of the
  more recent ECO kits.)

answer written or last revised on ( 21-APR-2003 )

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