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Remote Console Access?

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The Question is:

How can I gain connectivity with my dec 500. It lost power and it does not have
 a config file on the Alpha that is the heart of the system. I need to be able
 to connect to the dec via a telnet session to the server as I am out of town.
 I have used the set
 host/mop utility once before but am drawing a few blanks. This is a bit of an
Lorne Raney

The Answer is :

  You will need to access a terminal server connected to the console
  of the unspecified Alpha system, using LAT or MOP or telnet.  The
  commands are typically SET HOST/MOP and SET HOST/TELNET.
  If the particular Alpha system has a hardware remote console option
  installed and configured, you could connect into that using telnet
  or webbrowser or other documented means.
  You could also configure a modem and connect that to the console
  port.  Details on connecting a modem to OpenVMS are discussed here
  in Ask The Wizard, with specific references in the OpenVMS FAQ.
  Note that any remote console access must be carefully secured, as
  the console port is a critical and security-relevent connection.
  The MOP maintenance and operations protocol is entirely separate
  from the telnet protocol, and there are effectively no relationships
  between the MOP and telnet protocols; these are separate routers and
  distinct protocols.
  The OpenVMS Wizard is entirely unfamiliar with any systems and any
  system model(s) known as "DEC 500", and is not (as stated in the
  introduction) in a position to provide emergency assistance.  And
  without details on the particular configuration and the particular
  problem, OpenVMS Wizard is also not in a position to provide a
  specific answer; without more detail than is available here, a more
  specific answer is simply and very unfortunately not possible.

answer written or last revised on ( 23-APR-2003 )

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