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AlphaServer DS20, DS20E SCSI support?

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The Question is:

The DS20/DS20E  has 2 onboards (ADAPTEC) SCSI  adaptors.
On the DS20E they are on the visible in SRM and from VMS using PKA driver.
On the DS20 i have seen they are not visible from SRM or VMS.
As i badly need a free PCI slot for a KGPSA adaptor i will ask:
1.  Can an internal (original Compaq) DAT tape use one of the onboard SCSI's
    on the DS20E.
2.  Is there a way to enable the onboard SCSI on the DS20 and if yes can
    it support the RRD47 CD drive in addition to a DAT tape.
3.  Can a table-top DAT (or DLT) use the onboard SCSI with proper cables.
4.  Can  the RRD47 SCSI CD drive in a DS20 be replaced by a IDE CD drive?
sda> show device pk
    8119DF80    PKA              SYS$PKWDRIVER              84B8E000
>>  81295B00    PKB              SYS$PKADRIVER              84B94000 <<
>>  81298F00    PKC              SYS$PKADRIVER              84B94000 <<
    8129D500    PKD              SYS$PKWDRIVER              84B8E000
    8129E780    PKE              SYS$PKWDRIVER              84B8E000
>> <<  not seen in DS20
(OpenVMS 7.3-1 all patches.)
Lars Funck Jensen

The Answer is :

  The internal SCSI ports on the AlphaServer DS20 are not supported,
  while the internal port on the AlphaServer DS20E is supported with
  specific and internal tape configurations.  The PCI SCSI connection
  is the prefered and supported solution.  You may or may not find
  that the internal SCSI ports will work for you, of course, and the
  SRM firmware may or may not offer the SCSI ports when unsupported.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-MAY-2003 )

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