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The Question is:

Can you tell me what is achieved by executing the command
"run SYS$SYSTEM:LOGINOUT.EXE  /detached  /input=asdf.com"

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard will assume this is not an existential question.
  (You can achieve many things with the cited DCL command, of course.)
  As for the functional definition of the command, please review the
  sections discussing LOGINOUT.EXE within the OpenVMS FAQ for this and
  for related details.
  Put simply, this command creates a detached process running with a
  command line interpreter (usually DCL) loaded, and particularly
  a detached process reading commands from ASDF.COM.  In many ways,
  this process is similar to a batch job.  But not under the control
  of the queue manager, obviously.  Again, please review the OpenVMS
  FAQ for related discussions.  Detailed jobs do not, by default,
  usually have a command interpreter loaded, and (again) please see
  the OpenVMS FAQ for its related discussion of the SS$_NOCLI error
  and of detached-process operations.
  Also, from the available HELP documentation:
    $ HELP RUN Process
           Creates a subprocess or a detached process to run an image
           and deletes the process when the image completes execution. A
           subprocess is created if any of the qualifiers except the /UIC
           or the /DETACHED qualifier is specified. A detached process is
           created if the /UIC or the /DETACHED qualifier is specified and
           you have the IMPERSONATE user privilege.

answer written or last revised on ( 26-APR-2003 )

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