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Terminal Set-up and Capabilities? (Hold-Screen)

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The Question is:

Is it possible to and if so how do I deassign the F1 key to not perform "hold

The Answer is :

  Possibilities depend directly on the capabilities of the terminal
  or terminal emulator involved (as OpenVMS itself is NOT involved),
  though the usual answer is "no".  The firmware of most terminals
  and the software of most terminal emulators is built to cause F1
  to alternate between stopping and starting the local display, and
  the resulting filling or emptying of the terminal's internal I/O
  buffer(s) will subsequently typically cause the terminal or the
  terminal emulator to send the host system (OpenVMS or otherwise)
  an XOFF or XON character.  Please consult the terminal or terminal
  emulator documentation and/or the setup display(s) for details on
  the capabilities of the particular terminal or terminal emulator.

answer written or last revised on ( 26-APR-2003 )

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