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Third-Party SCSI Storage?

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The Question is:

Hi I have an Alpha Station 200 4/100 with the CPU board 54-23254-04 do you by
 any chance can tell me the meaning of the jumpers.
This is because I have a Hard disk that works good in other Alpha but not in
 this one !!!
Thank you
Roberto V.

The Answer is :

  The motherboard jumpers are not relevent to the hard disk.
  Please contact your hardware services organization for assistance,
  and please see the details on third-party hard disks -- this disk
  is almost undoubtedly a third-party disk as you would have cited
  the disk model of a supported device -- for details of usin
  thirt-party devices with OpenVMS.  Also see the version-related
  details in the FAQ, as more recent OpenVMS versions have improved
  capabilities around operating with third-party SCSI devices.

answer written or last revised on ( 26-APR-2003 )

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