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Replicating, Copying, Cloning OpenVMS Disk?

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The Question is:

Hi... Can you pleae tell me how to "clone" a hard disk in an Alpha Station
 running Open VMS ?????
Roberto V.

The Answer is :

  It is generally easier, safer, and faster to reinstall from an OpenVMS
  distribution kit.  The procedures needed are also documented in the
  installation and upgrade materials.
  While OpenVMS can be transfered from disk to disk using tools such as
  BACKUP, and while the resulting disk will normally have the OpenVMS
  components needed for bootstrap available, there are regularly many
  components that are customized to local requirements, and there can
  be system-specific hardware.  These system localizations include the
  node name and address (please see the OpenVMS FAQ), the local device
  configuration and the associated startup files, the licenses, and
  particularly the various network transports and (if appropriate)
  cluster settings.
  If you wish to continue on the present course, and particularly on a
  course that will likely entail incremental work as customizations are
  found and re-done, please see the BACKUP documentation -- you will
  also need familarity with OpenVMS system management and specifically
  with the details of system configurations.  That said, the OpenVMS
  Wizard firmly believes that re-loading current versions of OpenVMS
  and the required products from distributions and loading current ECO
  kits will be easiest, fastest, and the most supportable approach.

answer written or last revised on ( 28-APR-2003 )

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