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NFS and OpenVMS File Disposition Semantics?

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The Question is:

I have TCPIP V5.1 ECO 3, I'm mounting a unix disk on an ES40 and several
 ForTran functions that work fine on native disks don't seem to work.
 Specifically, when a file is opened with 'STATUS=SCRATCH' or closed with
 'DISPOSITION=DELETE' the program bombs w
ith 'RMS-E-OPEFAI', 'RMS-E-CRE' and 'SYSTEM-E-UNSUPPORTED'.  The trace back
 seems to point to the ForTran Run Time Library, but I've tried several
 versions of the ForRTL and the results are the same.
  Also, unformatted write statements give 'FOR-F-INCRECLEN'.
   Any suggestions?

The Answer is :

  UNIX and NFS typically do not support OpenVMS file disposition semantics,
  and this may be centrally involved in this situation -- NFS provides UNIX
  block-level access to remote storage, and with the expected (minimal) UNIX
  record and file semantics.
  That said, without a reproducer and details of the NFS configuration, any
  certainty in this answer is exceedingly difficult at best.  The OpenVMS
  Wizard would encourage you to contact the support center with a reproducer
  and with details of the NFS configuration.  Also please realize your TCP/IP
  Services, OpenVMS Alpha and (likely; unspecified) Fortran versions are all
  out-dated and are in need of upgrade(s) to more current versions.

answer written or last revised on ( 5-MAY-2003 )

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