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InfoServer MOP ISL Download?

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The Question is:

I am trying to create a disaster-recovery CD-ROM with a copy of VMS V6.2 on it.
  So far I can make a bootable one, but cannot make one that provides MOP
 service of ISL_SVAX_062 using an infoserver 100.
I have tried to create [000000]ISL_SCRIPT.ESS using existing CDs as a model,
 but it does not seem to work.  For example
(all on one line).  The file is there and is contiguous.
Are there instructions for doing this, or can the Wizard provide us with some?

The Answer is :

  InfoServer is no longer supported, of course.
  The use of LVAX implies a large VAX system.
  The usual course is to set up a MOP partition, and load OpenVMS
  onto (into) it and in response to a request, the InfoServer will
  look for a partition with a matching name.
  The ISL_SCRIPT.ESS is associated with the following auto-mount-like
      ISL MOP Enhancements
          InfoServer Software Version 2.1 includes new functions to
          aid users of Initial System Load (ISL) compact discs. The
          InfoServer system locates MOP downline load files on the
          compact disc and copies them into temporary MOP partitions
          on the InfoServer-formatted read/write disk. These MOP
          partitions exist as long as the ISL compact disc is present
          on the InfoServer system. When the ISL compact disc is
          removed, the temporary MOP partitions are deleted.
          The new functions provide two benefits. The first is
          improved performance. Because MOP files are located more
          quickly on an InfoServer-formatted read/write disk than on
          an ISL compact disc, downline loads are faster.
          The second benefit is enhanced problem diagnosis. Because
          the InfoServer system cannot perform a DIRECTORY of
          MOP files located on an ODS-2 formatted compact disc,
          the system manager cannot determine which MOP files are
          present. InfoServer software now automatically copies the
          MOP files to InfoServer partitions, so that the system
          manager can enter the InfoServer SHOW PARTITIONS command to
          display the special MOP paritions, which are flagged as MOP
          and TEMPORARY. When the ISL compact disc is removed, the
          partitions are deleted automatically.

answer written or last revised on ( 5-MAY-2003 )

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