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The Question is:

Sometime one finds directories where the order of the ACL's are incorrect. Say
 an ACL needs to be moved to the bottom of the stack so to speak on a whole
 directory tree, with varying ACL's on each file. The normal set sec/acl
 command places the ACL at the
 top of the stack.  If we need to place (move) a particular ACL to the bottom
 of the stack how can this be done?
The option of using the /after means we must know the ACL at the bottom of the
 stack.  This may well be different on every file. A /last on the set sec/acl
 would ber very usfull here.

The Answer is :

  SET SECURITY /LIKE would be the approach used by the OpenVMS Wizard.
  There is no command interface to shift the position of an ACE, though
  a program could certainly be written.  Using documented interfaces, too.
  For the manual shifting of and editing of ACEs within an ACL, the ACL
  editor (EDIT/ACL) may be of interest.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-MAY-2003 )

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