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Telnet Login Slow?

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The Question is:

Hope that someone has seen this problem before.
I have an Alpha running VMS 7.2-2, TCPIP V5.1 ECO level 3.
The problem:
When you log in via TELNET it takes between 90-120 seconds to get to USERNAME.
Once you are logged in the response is normal.
The log in response of other Alpha's on the same net is around 1 second.

The Answer is :

  This can be a network problem, an OpenVMS problem, a disk problem,
  a TCP/IP services problem, or an IP routing problem -- questions
  such as this are often unfortunately impossible for the OpenVMS
  Wizard to answer without far more detail.
  Please apply the available mandatory ECO kits for OpenVMS, and
  please seriously consider an upgrade to a more recent version of
  TCP/IP Services.  Please also review system and network activity
  during the network login processing, concentrating particularly
  on disk locking and blocking, as well as network traffic.  (AMDS
  and Availability Manager are the usual tools for examining the
  disk activity.)  Also see if the problem is specific to the local
  network segment or cable -- that other OpenVMS Alpha systems
  respond quickly does not rule out faulty network wiring or
  termination errors.
  If the problem persists (particularly with TCP/IP Services V5.3
  or later installed), please contact the support center.  (Expect
  to be asked details of the OpenVMS and network configuration.)

answer written or last revised on ( 5-MAY-2003 )

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