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IP Network Routing?

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The Question is:

Every now and then, the volatile (non permanent)routing table on our
 AlphaServer 800 5/500 seems to become corrupted. When this happens, if you try
 to access it ($ TCPIP show route), your session 'locks up' and eventually
 retuns with a virtual memory erro
You are however, still able to access the Permanent routing table ($ TCPIP show
The only way i have found to resolve this, is to re-boot the server.
Could you please explain what is happening, why, and what I can do to prevent it.
below is the memory details of this system.
$ sho mem
              System Memory Resources on  2-MAY-2003 02:40:45.50
Physical Memory Usage (pages):     Total        Free      In Use    Modified
  Main Memory (512.00Mb)           65536       44229       16725        4582
Virtual I/O Cache (Kbytes):        Total        Free      In Use
  Cache Memory                      3200           0        3200
Granularity Hint Regions (pages):  Total        Free      In Use    Released
  Execlet code region               1024           0         431         593
  Execlet data region                144           0         142           2
  S0/S1 Executive data region        395           0         395           0
  Resident image code region        1024           0         824         200
Slot Usage (slots):                Total        Free    Resident     Swapped
  Process Entry Slots                231         166          65           0
  Balance Set Slots                  229         166          63           0
Dynamic Memory Usage (bytes):      Total        Free      In Use     Largest
  Nonpaged Dynamic Memory        3153920     1475008     1678912     1205632
  Paged Dynamic Memory           2949120     1394336     1554784     1391424
  Lock Manager Dynamic Memory     819200      274688      544512
Buffer Object Usage (pages):                  In Use        Peak
  32-bit System Space Windows (S0/S1)              0           0
  64-bit System Space Windows (S2)                 0           0
  Physical pages locked by buffer objects          0           0
Memory Reservations (pages):       Group    Reserved      In Use        Type
  Total (0.00 Mbytes reserved)                     0           0
Paging File Usage (blocks):                     Free  Reservable       Total
                                               29568       29568       29568
                                             1056768      756720     1056768
Of the physical pages in use, 3541 pages are permanently allocated to OpenVMS.

The Answer is :

  Please upgrade and/or ECO the particular TCP/IP Services version in use.
  Please then contact the support center with details of the version and
  the configuration.

answer written or last revised on ( 5-MAY-2003 )

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