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Terminal Emulator and IP Cluster Alias?

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The Question is:

We have a a two clustered alpha servers that share a common system disk.  When
 our terminal emulation software attempts to connect to server A, it hits the
 log on screen immediately.  When our terminal emulation clients try to hit
 server B, we have an exa
ctly 60 second delay before you see the login prompt.  We have sniffed the
 network and the handshake is happening at the same speed on both, so we
 believe it is a vms setting somewhere.  This delay happens for all clients
 trying to connect.  When we do a
telnet to the ip address from a 3rd and completely seperate alpha server it
 gets a login prompt immediately.  We're sort of lost right now as to why this
 is happening.

The Answer is :

  Replace your (unspecified) terminal emulation package with another, as
  a test.  (Your message has indicated that at least some of the network
  traffic is functioning as expected and thus that the package apparently
  common to occurances of the error is the terminal emulator and/or its

answer written or last revised on ( 5-MAY-2003 )

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