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LAN controller autonegotiation?

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The Question is:

Is it recommended to have your routers autonegotiating with a 10mb card.  I was
 told that autonegotiate for the Alpha is not recommended and that all the
 routers should be set to 10mb or you could experience some network slowdown.
 Is this true?

The Answer is :

  Autonegotiation is not recommended with certain controllers, please
  see the FAQ for related details.
  As to whether or not a particular controller or a particular network
  switch -- a protocol router does not generally become involved in
  Ethernet LAN or IEEE 802.3 LAN auto-negotiation, as negotiation is
  typically a controller-level activity -- that depends highly on the
  particular controllers and switch(es) involved.  (The particular devices
  have not been specified here, unfortunately.)  Some devices will
  obviously work more reliably than others and specific configurations,
  and newer network gear will typically tend to negotiate better and
  more reliably than will older gear.
  Please see the OpenVMS FAQ and topics such as (1869), (2226), (2906),
  (3252), (3586) and (8200) for details of typical configuration mechanisms
  for the DE500 series Ethernet controller -- most of these will refer you
  to the FAQ -- and please see the general discussion of autonegotiation
  and duplex settings here in topic (4658).

answer written or last revised on ( 5-MAY-2003 )

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