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Disk Storage Upgrade?

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The Question is:

Sorry to bother you but after searching thru the FAQ, I don't seem to find the
 right answer.
Currently using OpenVMS Alpha V7.1-1H2 with 2 9.1GB harddisks via a PCI to S.E.
 SCSI Adapter and intending to upgrade both harddisks to 18GB. Do I need to
 upgrade to OpenVMS Alpha V7.1-2 or is there an ECO kit which I can install? If
 there is an ECO kit f
or installation, it would be very much appreciated if I could get a detailed
 procedure on installing it.
Looking forward to your kind and prompt response.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Thanks and regards.

The Answer is :

  Please contact your hardware services organization for assistance,
  as there can be mechanical, software, and thermal considerations
  when installing newer disks in older enclosures.  (In particular,
  disks that generate more heat than a particular storage enclosure
  or system enclosure can cool will cook the disk hardware over time,
  potentially greatly reducing the lifespan of the overheated hardware
  and potentially greatly increasing the likelyhood of failure.)
  The OpenVMS FAQ provides a general discussion of the installation
  of third-party hardware, and specifically also mentions the ECOs
  and releases of interest for disk storage upgrades.
  The OpenVMS Wizard strongly discourages the continued use of the
  V7.1-1H2 release.  This and other hardware releases are intended
  solely for early use of hardware, and are intended to be upgraded
  once a subsequent mainline OpenVMS release is available.  In this
  case, V7.1-2 was the next release, and V7.2-2 and V7.3-1 are the
  currently-supported releases.  Continued use of V7.1-1H2 is NOT
  something that the OpenVMS Wizard can recommend.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-MAY-2003 )

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