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Troubleshooting DECnet FAL copy?

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The Question is:

The problems which we are facing during the connection building between
 windows95 and VAX system OpenVMS version 7.2 through PATHWORKS software.
VT320 utility is working fine so its mean that connection between OpenVMS and
 windows95 is established, but NFT (DECnet File Transfer Utility) is not
 working. NFT utility uses to transfer the files between OpenVMS to Windows95
 and vise versa. The exact pr
oblem is when we try to connect NFT utility with OpenVMS system with the
 following information
Server Name:  S6410
User Name: ********
Password: ********
It gives the error ``Link aborted by remote node``
In the help file of NFT utility it is mention that
``Each PC and server that will be sending or receiving files must be running
 the FAL utility. ``
FAL is running fine in the windows95 but not in OpenVMS. ``%System_F_Ivlognam,
 Invalid Logical Name`` error comes when we run FAL.EXE on OpenVMS.
We also try to transfer the files through Kermit. This is also not working it
 gives the error ``cannot get Kermit status information make sure the Kermit is
 running in server mode``.
Now what we want exactly is to build the connection between OpenVMS and
 windows95 through which we should be able to transfer the files as shown in
 the following diagram.
1)	Windows95 is the only OS, which we can use for client end, as licensed
 version of PATHWORKS is available for win95.
2)	 We cannot install anything on OpenVMS system because its CD-Drive is
 not working and tape backup is also not functional. We tried to run it through
 infoservice but unable to connect it.

The Answer is :

  There is no indication what version of PATHWORKS 32 client you are
  running on the Microsoft Windows 95 system.  The current version
  is V7.3.  Since you mention VT320, the assumption is that the client
  PATHWORKS 32 V7.0 or V7.0a version is in use, as the VT320 Terminal
  Emulator was superceded by PowerTerm 525 in PATHWORKS 32 V7.1 and
  Just because VT320 can connect to VMS does not indicate that
  other network connections will function.
  VT320 connections can be over LAT, CTERM (using DECnet), or
  Telnet (using TCP/IP).
  For DECnet network file transfers to function you need to have
  DECnet (drivers, utilities, etc) running on both the Microsoft
  Windows client and the OpenVMS system.  It would appear that
  there is a configuration error on the OpenVMS system or --
  more likely -- an error within the SYLOGIN.COM or LOGIN.COM
  procedure.  (These coding errors are a common cause of the
  FAL network partner exited error.)  To resolve the error, please
  consider disabling the SYLOGIN.COM or LOGIN.COM, and also check
  the contents of the NETSERVER.LOG or NET$SERVER.LOG on the target
  Recent versions of OpenVMS provide a SYLOGIN.TEMPLATE example with
  details of configuring the DCL procedure for network operations.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-MAY-2003 )

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