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Debugging System Startup Errors?

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The Question is:

Our Alpha cluster shutdown for a blackout.
When they reboot one of them looses its
logical names. Why?

The Answer is :

  Summoning the vast resources of the Ethernet that surround the OpenVMS
  Wizard, and utilitizing the Wizard's staff and a puff of greasy orange
  smoke, the OpenVMS Wizard will guess at the particular cause of this.
  Please review your system startup for errors, and potentially reboot and
  monitor messages produced during the startup.  Based solely on what was
  provided, the most likely cause involve an incomplete or erroneous version
  the logical name definitions were not included in the file, or the file
  itself exits (due to error and lack of SET NOON) or due to an explicit
  EXIT before the logical name(s) are defined.  Also review the cluster
  configuration for copies of the startup files stored in SYS$SPECIFIC and
  in SYS$COMMON -- the latter area is most common, and files left in
  SYS$SPECIFIC on the particular node can override the contents of the
  files stored in SYS$COMMON.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-MAY-2003 )

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