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FTP, network servers, and logical names?

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The Question is:

Hello !.
I have a problem with the directory command via ftp.
On a remote alpha I have the locical SIC$MST definited as
A file width name abc.abc exists in sic$level3:[mst].
If I execute, from local host, the command
directory/ftp remnode"user pass"::sic$mst:abc.abc
openvms tell me TCPIP-W-FTP_REPLYTEXT, 550 file not found.
All is ok if I write directory/ftp remnode"user pass"::sic$level3:[mst]abc.abc .
Why directory command do not perform a search list ?
Thank you
Best regards.

The Answer is :

  The logical name SIC$MST must be defined in a logical name
  table visible to the network process providing the FTP
  services.  What does the command:
  $ directory/ftp remnode"user pass"::sic$mst:
  return?  Specifically, is the logical name translated?

answer written or last revised on ( 13-MAY-2003 )

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