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Multi-Host SCSI, Allocation Classes?

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The Question is:

I want to set up a multi-host scsi bus using my Hsz80 and my 2 Aplha servers.
 According to the HSZ documentation I will need to change the SCSI ID on one to
 the KZ adapters to an ID other than the default of 7.  How is this
 accomplished?  I can't any inf
ormation on how to make the change.

The Answer is :

  In general, an SRM console environment variable is used, though
  different SCSI controllers can require different mechanisms.
  Use the console command SHOW PK* for details of the known SCSI
  port environment variables.
  Please contact your hardware services organization for further
  assistance with hardware- and storage-related questions, and
  for details of considerations, requirements, exceptions, SCSI
  canling and termination, and other details.
  If you configure a multi-host SCSI configuration, you must also
  look to use the same names on each host.  This normally requires
  the consistent use of a port allocation class, or an allocation
  class.  Failure to use the same name for the same device across
  all cluster hosts can lead to corruptions.

answer written or last revised on ( 13-MAY-2003 )

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