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PATHWORKS Client eXcursion (X Windows GUI)?

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The Question is:

We have purchased a quantity of ES45
Servers running a VMS v 7.3 OS
We want to have a GUI access to these servers via Microsoft Windows clients
We found out that such accessibility could be provided by the PATHWORKS Kit
We have been supplied with a variety of CDs that are related to the Compaq
 machines and to the VMS operating system, we are not sure if we were supposed
 to get the PATHWORKS kit with them. We found a reference to purchased licenses
 concerning PARTHWOKS in
 our stores without having the related CDs
Could you kindly inform us about the procedures to check what CDs we should get
 based upon the contracts with the local provider?
Is there a facility for us to directly contact you for inquires about technical
 support or being in lighted before purchasing further products as we are a
 significant customer for HP products (Servers, Workstations, OS..etc) with
 Various Enterprise sites

The Answer is :

  You will want to use the PATHWORKS 32 client kit for the eXcursion
  X Windows display capabilities.
  PATHWORKS server (also known as Advanced Server) is required for
  host capabilities for Windows systems, such as print and storage
  services.  For your stated purposes, Advanced Server is not needed.
  If, on the other hand, you wish to configure the OpenVMS systems
  to offer print or disk services, you will require the installation
  of Advanced Server and (likely) TCP/IP Services.
  The OpenVMS Wizard does not know what you have ordered, nor what
  you have received, and thus has no way to answer that portion of
  your question.  Shipments will normally contain a bill of materials,
  of course.  For details on what you have ordered, please check
  with your reseller.
  The OpenVMS Wizard would encourage you to request direct assistance
  from your reseller, as it appears you are unfamiliar with OpenVMS
  and Advanced Server -- HP or your reseller can offer you services
  ranging from training and software installations to on-going system
  management and out-sourcing tasks.

answer written or last revised on ( 13-MAY-2003 )

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